Saturday, May 7, 2011

#12 Hibiscus Banana Sorbet - For MAITRI

So, I received my much awaited MAITRI mystery ingredient yesterday!! Heather from GIRLICHEF had ,as she presents on her blog, put together the package so beautifully that it put up a smile on my face as I opened it. There was a pretty pink letter along with the mystery ingredient and also a spicy mango snack for me to enjoy and I just loved it!!!
 My  mystery ingredient was something I had never used for any recipe prior to this, so I was dying to find out what it was. I knew it was some kind of a flower and it took me a bit of googling and her clue to refer to her site to find out what it actually was! And it was dried Hibiscus flowers!
Dried Hibiscus is a delicacy in Mexico and often candied or used to garnish. I have also heard about the very famous hibiscus tea which can be taken hot or cold. They have a lot of medicinal properties which meant very good for health and that thrilled me. I have tried here to make a desert with the same and I call it the Hibiscus /Banana sorbet -as you can guess it is a fusion of hibiscus sorbet and banana sorbet.

What I used to make the sorbet :
1 large Banana
1 handful of dried hibisuc flowers
1 cup water
1/3 cup sugar
How to make the Sorbet :
->Boil water in a small saucepan.
-> Add the dried hibiscus flowers and remove from heat. Close the saucepan and let it stand for 15 minutes
-> Filter the hibiscus water and keep aside.
-> In a food processor, combine banana and sugar and puree until smooth.
-> Transfer the puree to an aluminium container and add  the hibiscus water.Mix well, close with plastic wrap and freeze for 2 hrs.
-> Serve the sorbet plain or with your choice of fruits or even vanilla ice cream .
Makes a nice treat for a hot summer afternoon and thanks to Heather for letting me discover this!
Also thanks to Reshmi an Priya for MAITRI .Looking forward to spread the joy :) .
  PS: Will update the Weight Watchers points for this desert soon. :)
  Also Submitting this to Kurinji's  Healthy Summer Event :


  1. Rathi, this is fabulous! I love that you made a sorbet with the hibiscus...I would give anything to be able reach in and spoon a bite for myself. You did a fantastic job with your mystery ingredient and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!! xo

  2. Hy dear,
    you made a gorgeous recipe with the mystery ingredient..wonderful presentation ..
    happy mother s day to you ..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  3. You have a really wonderful blog with lovely recipes! I am new to blogging and following your lovely space. I would also like to to invite you to follow my blog too!

  4. wow!!!!!!! i nvr heard of this kind of recipe...great try....looks happy to follw and blog with u nw..plz stop at my blog and follow it if u get time :)
    Good food recipes

  5. lovely way of using the dried hibiscus, looks yummmmmmmmm

  6. sounds interesting and new to me....
    looks delicious dear:)

  7. First time to ur space. love the sorbet Rathi. i have had it once and could still remember the flavor. Seeing urs brought back the memories. Glad to follow you.Inviting you to follow mine too.

  8. First here. You have lovely space and lad to follow u dear. If time permits visit mine.
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  9. Wowwww... Lady!! I know u for past 4 yrs and get to read ur blog only now... Nice nice nice.. now I am following u :)

  10. Wow, that looks colorful and tempting, perfect to beat the heat! I have done fresh juice out of hibiscus, this is totally new and sounds awesome. Kudos:)

  11. I have to try it out, it looks super delicious, refreshing and I can almost taste it and want to grab that whole glass :)
    US Masala

  12. Yummmmm !!!! Wow, never cooked with it, but still brilliantly made this delicious and beautiful looking sorbet and I am sure this is healthy too. I am so happy that you were part of MAITRI dear :)

  13. Simply superb sorbet.. the flowers would have imparted a beautiful aroma i suppose..
    Event: Serve It-Chilled