Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#8 BroadBeans (Avarakkai) and lentil

My lunch for the day - 1 cup of Broad beans(Avarakkai) fry with lentil and 1 cup of "Morekozhambu" ( an authentic south Indian buttermilk gravy made with coconut /green chilli paste)  rice ,of course using brown rice.I am still lost in the taste of this wonderful combo and it doesn't at all seem like I am on diet. But yes I am ! and I have reduced yet another 2 pounds (totally 4 from when I started blogging :p )*. It is all because of the veggies, Veggie power!! The broad beans was pretty simple to make and is 5 PP per weight watchers.

All that it required was 1/4 cup of coarsely cooked Mung Dal/Mung beans (very high in protein!) ,
finely diced broadbeans 1 cup

chilli powder -1/4 tsp
mustard 1/4 tsp
oil to drizzle
salt to taste

To make :

-> Drizzle oil in a pan and let it heat.
->put the mustard in the oil and let it slpit.
-> fry the broad beands with chilli powder and salt until cooked well.
-> mix the cooked Mung beans with it

Enjoy some authentic south Indian & nutritious veggie!

* - I don't just eat good, I run too ;) .


  1. Lovely stir fry... First time here and your blog is beautiful:) The "Losing weight" recipes and writeup are an absolute delight which has become my favourite as I am in dire need to lose some:) Glad to follow u... keep the healthy recipes coming..

  2. thank you for the encouragement Revathi! :) Hope to take some inspiration from you too !