Thursday, April 14, 2011

#6 Bell Pepper/Mushroom Masala Dosa (Rice crepes)

I love dosa(Rice crepes) but prior to WW, I just wouldn't be able to stop with a minimum number :p, plus when some one is making you some, you don't want to say  'No' to the hot crisp ones coming to your plate. Well, like I said, that was an old story. I have learned to say no and stop when it is required to. More importantly I have learned to trick my stomach into feeling full with lesser food just by bulking it up with some good / tasty veggies. Yesterday , I did this with my favorite dosa (rice crepes). I tossed in some garlic,tomatoes,bell peppers,mushrooms and sauteed them with salt and little of garam masala. The end product was a quick and yummy version of the bell pepper mushroom masala. I bulked my dosa by stuffing a whole lot of this vegetable into it and successfully tricked myself into being satisified :p. I thought I have to mention the points plus value for this as it seemed like a good one for 5pp per serving and if you are doing weight watchers, you sure will appreciate it !!