Monday, April 11, 2011

#5 Iam Losing Weight Drinking Almond Milk!

For me, the thing that has been and still is most challenging about losing weight is eating right at intervals. As I may have already mentioned before, I have researched and also discovered from personal experience that it is very essential to eat at least six times a day to lose weight. This body is like a machine and if you need the machine to work properly, you need to simply fuel it regularly.For years I have been ignorant about the vitality of a morning and a mid afternoon snack but when I started this weight loss journey, I had to keep myself up to look forward to eating  something prior and post lunch . What I chose for these times had to be something that was not too heavy on my appetite and also something that would not leave me craving for the next main meal.Fruit was always a savior, but a little variety never hurt me as it would also keep me off from getting bored and almond milk just  happened to be the right choice. I like it unsweetened because I just detest the idea of adding sugar to my blood directly apart from all the natural resources there already is. I currently take a cup of really chilled Pure Silk unsweetened almond milk in the mid afternoon. Recently, I also discovered that  it was not so difficult to make this one at home either. A cup of almonds soaked overnight and 4 cups of water is all it needs. I like to remove the skin from the soaked almonds as it is easier than filtering it out later. It then needs to blended thoroughly with water and there you go ! A cup of delicious,filling,healthy no diary drink!

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