Wednesday, March 23, 2011

#2- Iam Losing weight eating- My favourite low calorie snack

Summer is coming along and bringing with it my favourite Mango.This time of the year, there is no fruit I love better . But hey, I cannot go one eating just mangoes when I am trying to lose some weight and reach a goal here by the end of this summer. So , I wanted to incorporate the flavour of my favourite mangoes and still include other fruits to make a low calorie snack. Sometimes I like to have them as my mid morning snack but mostly I save it for the dreaded mid afternoon or early evenings when I am pretty exhausted and my cravings are the worst. I figured that if I do not eat something satisfying at this time, I most definitely end up eating crap through out evening and something unhealthy for dinner as well. So I toss in the 1/4 slice of a mango, 2 strawberries,a handful of blueberries, 1/4 apple ,2-3 walnut halves, a tsp of sliced almonds and make a good fruit salad. Leaves me satisfied and looking forward to the same next day :p .

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