Thursday, March 31, 2011

Indian Diet Food for weight loss?

Is there something called Indian diet food for weight loss ? Can we eat Indian food and still reduce our weight? I would say most certainly to both! I am not sure if a lot of them will agree with me in the beginning. Sadly, when we think about Indian food, the butter ,malai (cream) , oil,ghee and rich desserts is what comes to our mind.The food industry has revolutionized so much that it has literally influenced our day to day cooking. Including me, a lot of us want to imitate the restaurant style dishes at home to get lauded and in the process compromise nutrition and aid fat deposits in our body :).The very basic indian food cooked at home ,however, is pretty harmless.Come to think of it, my grandmother would have never heard about dishes I cook these days let alone cook! Yes ,India has a very diversified culture and to paint a little of this diversity into our food habits will not do any harm as long as we make the right choices for the day to day living.In the past two months, I have learnt that we need to take time to alter our food habits,accommodate some good whole grains, wholesome proteins and a good amount of various vegetables in our diet so that we can lead a healthy life.From time to time I do eat non-Indian foods, but that is to keep me interested in the process of my weight loss.But most days I love to stick with Indian for lunch/dinner and take advantage of the nutrients in our wheat,rice and Dal varieties.Also, I have noticed that Indian food has never been the culprit but my ignorance in regard to portion control has indeed! (If you have done weight watchers or at least heard of the success the program gives with portion control being their key ,I am sure you will be able to appreciate the meaning of this) The moment I learned to master the art of portion control , I could see the numbers on the scale and inches on my hips go down so easy! I call it an art because it takes a rather diligent effort to perform and not easy but definitely achievable. I love Indian food and feel it will not make sense to give it up in order to lose weight. If the weight loss needs to be permanent and not depressing, it needs to suit your lifestyle and my lifestyle is by far very very Indian.I am trying to update my blog with what I have been eating for weight loss and very soon would like to put some of my favourite Indian dishes that I savour and still lose weight. Of course eating is only one part and exercises is another. But the latter is a whole different topic to discuss :).


  1. Cooking is such an art which not only make you happy or earns you appreciation but also can counter your appetite in a very delicious manner. This is such an wonderful instinct that can make you creative day by day.

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  2. The best weight loss programs are the ones that do not make you go on crazy diets. You will not lose weight if you are uncomfortable with the food you are eating. You will feel stressed about trying to remember what you can and cannot eat. Being stressed will not help you to lose weight. It might even make you gain weight. Thanks a lot...