Monday, January 26, 2009

Carrot Rice

Carrot with a difference- this one is spicy and neat. What I love about this is the natural flavour of the spice added .Easy to make and healthy stuff!

Things Needed
1 cup of cooked rice (Basmati adds to the taste)
2 long carrots , peeled and grated.
1 small onion chopped
2 tbsp Cumin seeds
3-4 curry leaves
100 gm of dry roasted peanuts
5 small red chillies
1 tbsp Dhania
1 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

1) Heat oil in a pan and add 1 tbsp of cumin seed.
2) add the chopped onion,curry leaves and fry till golden brown.
3) add the grated carrot,salt and fry for about 5 minutes till carrot is cooked finely.
4) meanwhile, dry roast and grind the following : 1tbsp of cumin seed, dhania and red chillies.
5) when the carrot is cooked, add the ground powder to it and cook for another 2-3 minutes.
6) Mix this finely with the cooked rice and top it with the peanuts.

Serve with Cucumber raita.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Indian Malai Kofta Recipe

I have been wanting to try this out for long now, but always felt lazy or some essential ingredient would be missing... today I had it all, the mood and the things for cooking. And this time my inspiration was Masala Wok -indo chinese restaurant in houston. Aww, how much I love their Malai Kofta.. Iam probably one of their best and most regular customers and visit them atleast once a month (sometimes more) .. Their kofta gravy is sooo good, i know it must have a lot calories!.. So having that in mind I tried the same - but I was not going to go out and buy Cream ( which is one of the essential ingredients) .. As it is paneer and potato add a lot of calories, so I stuck with 2% milk and non fat yougurt and it came out good!!..

what I used for the Kofta :

1 big potato ( baked and smashed)

1 cup grated paneer

2 green chillies chopped finely

3/4 tbspn chilli powder

1/4 tbspn ginger garlic paste

1/4 tbspn garam masala

pinch of turmeric

1 tbspn cornflour to bind

sal to taste

And what I used for the gravy:

1/2 tbspn ghee

1/2 onion ( texas onions are pretty big!)

3 tomatoes

1/4 tbspn fennel seeds

1 small piece of cinnamon

6 elaichies

2 cloves

1 tbspn cumin seeds

1/2 cup 2% milk

1/2 cup non-fat yougurt

3/4 tbsp chilli powder

1/4 tbson garam masal

salt to taste

So, how I actually made them..

-- > mixed everything for kofta and ,made unequal size balls ..(am not good @ equal size ;-) )

-- > Deep fried them in pan of heated oil

-- > For the gravy , heated the ghee in a pan and added the fennel sees, elaichies,cloves, cinnomon, onion and tomatoes. After cooking for 3 - 4 minutes, took it out to let cool

-- > when curry was cool enough, ground it to make a fine paste.

-- > Next , heated oil in pan and added the cumin seeds and chillie powder followed by the paste,salt.

-- > after cooking for a minute, added the milk and curd

-- > let it cook for 4 minutes and then added the garam masala and mixed well.

mixed kofta in the gravy topped with some cilantro .. yumm! I wish I could attach the aroma..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Paneer Masala with Green Peas

Paneer peas masala is my all time favourite. I could eat paneer everyday and still not get bored.
The only thing that I did not like previously about this was the way I was cooking it.
I used to fry the paneer and god, looking at the oil would make me nauseous . Also, kept this aside for weekends as it was taking too much time on a weekday.Until , one day when my mom just re-visited this recipe for me.. Am glad cause it takes much lesser time and is twice as tasty!

1 Onion
2 tomatoes

200 gm of frozen/fresh peas
1 tbspn oil
1 tbspn ginger/garlic paste
1 tbspn cumin seeds (Jeera)
1 1/4 tbspn chilli powder
1/2 tbpn garam masala
1 cup paneer cut into cubes
1/2 tbspn kasuri methi
salt to taste
1) Soak the paneer in hot water for 5 minutes with little turmeric and keep aside
2) Fry the onion and tomatoes until the raw smell goes and grind to paste.
3)In a pressure cooker, heat oil and put the cumin seeds, fry till golden brown and add ginger garlic paste. After a minute, add the chilli powder immediately followed by the ground onion/tomato paste. Fry briefly for a minute, add 1/2 cup of water ,peas, paneer cubes (no need to fry!), salt and garam masala . Stir well, close the pressure cooker and let cook for 2 whistles.
4) Open when the pressure pan cools down and add kasuri methi . Garnish with coriander leaves.
Serve with Jeera rice or Chapati .

Welcome to my blog!, Kitchen Fever is all about my experience in cooking so far..I love cooking as much as I love eating. And some day I just aim at perfecting every aspect of it..

** Disclaimer ** : feel free to try these out but dont blame me for anything :-D !!